Who We Are


Managing Director

Michelle Low Chew Tung is the Managing Director of INVENI Business & Technology Limited. She has served in leadership and management roles in both the private and public sectors. Michelle has an MBA with specialization in International Marketing from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, University of the West Indies and a B.A in International Business Administration from the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom.

Her professional experience comprises over 15 years in the financial services industry, in addition to senior executive management positions at state companies in the key areas of market planning & development, procurement, project management, product development, construction, business development, tourism management and business consulting. She is the Founder and Principal Consultant at LCT Consulting & Associates Limited, a strategic marketing and business development company. At INVENI, Michelle has responsibility for the firm’s operations and strategic direction in addition to business development, client services, project management and administrative matters in Trinidad & Tobago.

INVENI’s operations in China include the following key positions – Lead Associate Consultant, Senior Product Sourcing Specialist and Product Sourcing Co-ordinator.

The Lead Associate Consultant has responsibility for the management of our local co-ordinating team, quality control, research, procurement, client relationship management, contract management, accounts and all administrative matters.

The duties of the Senior Product Sourcing Specialist include the handling of all international trade matters, purchasing, contract management, material transportation (shipping) process, customs declaration and quality inspection for all commodities.

Our Product Souring Co-ordinator  is responsible for the  maintenance of key account relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, procurement of samples and/or prototype(s), handling of logistical arrangements, carrying out of quality ad pre-shipment inspection as well as container loading.

Our team is highly qualified at the master’s degree level and are highly fluent in English with Mandarin being their first language.   The team maintains an extensive network of suppliers and manufactures in several business sectors.