processProduct Sourcing Process

1) Understanding Requirements
  • Specification,
    dimension & materials
  • Colours, packaging & freight
  • Samples and quantities
2) Select Supplier
  • Identify suitable source
  • Obtain quote and lead time
  • Check and confirm samples
3) Client Approval
  • Samples
  • Sign Order
  • Pricing & Lead Times
  • Place Deposit
  • Terms and conditions
4) The Manufacturer
  • Production Control
  • Inspect quality and packaging
5) Freight & Delivery
  • Transport by Sea or Air
  • Customs Clearance
  • Delivery to customer

Getting Started!

To get started you will need to supply as much information in the following three (3) categories:

shutterstock_146474966Specifications – the more details and the more accurate they are the better. For e.g. what is the item, what are its defining points, product packaging, drawing showing details, relevant grades of material etc.

Volumes – minimum order quantities and re-order frequency is necessary to commence the sourcing process

Anticipated target price and what are you purchasing at now – this is critical for the negotiations with the supplier

Next Steps

Clients should proceed to the next steps once they have fulfilled the requirements of the three categories detailed above:

1. Complete INVENI’s Client Purchasing Request Form
2. Request quotation
3. Product selection and quantities determined
4. Receive quotations from Chinese Co-ordinator
5. Product approval
6. 50% deposit made to place order
7. Quality inspection conducted
8. Shipping and delivery of goods to client