our-objectivesProduct List

satisfyOur product sourcing service spans several industries. We are not tied to any product or sector and our skills and contacts allow us to source ANY product even if it is new to us.

Our Product List includes the following:

  • Custom-made automated machines for a number of industries.
  • (Machines are reducing the need for human intervention while improving speed & consistency) via the use of a control system and information technologies E.g. exhaust fan, plasticinjectionmould items, glue printer & much more.

  • Plastics injection moulds
  • PET production line
  • Aluminium products e.g. windows &railings for buildings – hospitals, homes etc.
  • Food processing equipment (cutting , weighing, packaging etc.)with precision technology
  • Agriculturaltools, machinery and equipment
  • Printing of books and journals
  • Carnival costume raw materials and accessories
  • Off-grid solar panel systems
  • Office furniture
  • Natural rattan raw materials
  • Customised animal enclosures
  • Hotel & restaurant equipment and supplies
  • Healthcare disposable products and medical equipment
  • Corporate gifts and promotional products
  • Airline travel articles
  • Construction material
  • Safety equipment and supplies
  • Fashion jewellery, fabrics, and garment accessories
  • Manufacturing commodities
  • Stationery supplies

For further details on products sourced by INVENI, please contact us at info@invenitt.com.