Paving the way to do business


Michelle Low Chew Tung, managing director of Inveni Business and Technology Limited, says China’s currency devaluation will be important to business people who are currently sourcing goods from China and others who have kept a watchful eye on economic developments in China with the intention of importing from that country.

And despite the fact that the “Made in China” label has been showing up on goods on store shelves in Trinidad and Tobago for as long as anyone can remember, she says, the reality is that sourcing from China has many unique challenges. These include finding capable, reliable and trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers who can consistently manufacture and supply high quality goods at competitive prices.

Low Chew Tung says finding that reliable, capable and trustworthy supplier is a daunting task for the new importer and even the more experienced supply chain manager. She wants eager prospective buyers to know that they can use the resources of her company to guide them through the hazards of doing business in China.

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