INVENI Announces Trade mission to China in October 2016

INVENI Business & Technology Ltd (INVENI), the Caribbean’s premier China direct sourcing agency, hosted  a breakfast  seminar on February 25th at the offices of the Trinidad & Tobago’s Manufacturer’s Association (TTMA) to launch its 2016 China trade mission under the theme, exploring opportunities, building partnerships. The trade mission will take place from October 14 to 23, 2016.

Delivering remarks at the seminar was First Secretary and Head of the Commercial Office at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Tang Yandi. He addressed the audience on China’s economy and the latest economic situation. Mr. Tang raised the issue of local firms conducting business with Chinese suppliers online and consequently lose money in the process and is faced with no forms of redress. He stated that “this is why companies such as INVENI while it may cost a bit more, is worth it.”

INVENI is the organising partner for the China trade mission and it’s Managing Director; Michelle Low Chew Tung delivered the feature presentation. The session informed the audience that delegates will visit the Canton Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, and mega-cities Beijing and Shanghai. Face to face meetings with key factory personnel and showroom visits will be arranged. Suppliers are pre-selected utilising INVENI’s supplier verification system beforehand which shapes the B2B programme for participants.

INVENI offers an all-inclusive package to businesses interested in participating in this mission.  Meetings with pre-selected suppliers, translation and business direct services, round-trip airfare, domestic travel, in-country ground transport, hotel accommodation, meals and tourism tours are included in the package.

Shenaaza Jakeer, Group Supply Chain Manager at Electrical Industries Group stated that “this opportunity broadens the scope for the sourcing of industrial raw materials and reduces the risk of engaging with dishonest Chinese suppliers.”

This trade mission is one of several efforts underway that will help strengthen trade ties between Trinidad & Tobago and China.   China is the world’s leading manufacturer and companies participating in this mission will establish business relationships that will progress to the achievement of key business objectives.


INVENI is the premier China direct sourcing agency in the Caribbean. The company provides a full-service solution to businesses interested in doing business in China. Its key services include: direct import assistance, supplier verification, factory audits, sampling, quality inspections, and project management support for custom manufacturing, buyer representation, customised trade tours and shipping and logistics.

The company brings its authoritative knowledge, international trade experience, growing network of certified Chinese suppliers/manufacturers, business development skills, multilingual staff and the expertise necessary to transcend the culture and language barriers to achieve success in the Chinese market.

Contact Information: 

Michelle Low Chew Tung
INVENI Business & Technology Ltd
No.5F Fitt Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel:  868 271 3438  Email:



China Breakfast Seminar Pic No. 4

From left: Ms Yuan Riuhong – Commercial Attaché at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Trinidad and Tobago, Michelle Low Chew Tung, Managing Director at INVENI Business & Technology Ltd,  Mr. Tang Yandi – First Secretary and Head of the Commercial Office at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of hina in Trinidad and Tobago, Ms Daisy Feng – Lead Associate Consultant, INVENI Business & Technology Ltd.

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