Want to Import from China?

Your company may already be manufacturing or sourcing imports from China, but are you having any quality control issues with your present supplier or getting the best prices possible?

Are you currently engaged in the deliberation phase of evaluating the pros and cons of sourcing or custom manufacturing in China? Then you may be asking questions like “how will your company go about getting your products manufactured in China?” or “how will your company avoid the potential pitfalls that can and often do arise when using China manufacturing? We can answer your questions.

Our sourcing service partners with your company when we are negotiating for China manufacturing of your products so our interests are the same. We can accommodate inquiries from companies of all sizes and therefore you are invited to contact us or Request a Quotation on our website.

An additional benefit your company gains from INVENI’s China sourcing services include obtaining the BEST price possible! We perform comprehensive background checks on suppliers and factories and our local team are trilingual (English, Mandarin and local dialect) in order to communicate better with suppliers.

Once an order is placed we provide a quality control procedure second to none to ensure that the product delivered to you is the same as the one you ordered or the sample you approved.

We are very passionate about quality and excellence. We know that however inexpensive your product is when sourced from China, all the benefits are lost if the product is un-saleable due to poor quality.

We keep you informed throughout the entire process – from sourcing to delivery. For more information contact INVENI today at 868 789 7713 or via email at michelle@invenitt.com.