Frequently Asked Questions


Why Source internationally? 

  • Profit margins are eroding because of increased domestic material and labour costs and the challenge to meet competitors ever improving prices.
  • Your competition is already sourcing
  • The capacity you need is not available
  • You have a new product that requires technology or capabilities that your current supplier can’t offer.

Why Source from China? 

It’s natural for any business to worry about quality control, products being produced to appropriate technical standards, items being held up upon entry to your country, and the like. Beginners might wonder about whether goods will actually be shipped and even the most sophisticated business will have concerns about currency fluctuations and unpredictability in the supply chain.

Despite such concerns, thousands of companies have benefited! The method to success is basic: working with a reliable partner to help you realize the benefits and reduce risks. This adds safety and predictability to your procurement needs.

Reasons to Source in China

  • Increase your Profits – China’s relatively inexpensive, yet well educated workforce has made it extremely attractive for the sourcing of manufactured goods for other global businesses.
  • The cost of using a Chinese workforce for your manufacturing needs may be 10 times less than other alternatives.
  • China also has lower import duties than other countries.
  • Sourcing your manufacturing in China will save your company money, allowing you to invest more in other areas of your business.
  • China has superior logistics, technology and infrastructure and has greater factory productivity than competing countries.
  • Working with a sourcing partner who has operational expertise will ensure that you receive the best quality by providing products for your review and approval throughout the process.

Why use INVENI Business & Technology Limited?

We are product sourcing experts you can trust! We source, inspect, and ship directly to you. We help you secure your product, at the right price and from the best suppliers.

  • We are experienced
  • We maintain preferential relationships with manufacturers and suppliers
  • We build long-term relationships with our Clients
  • We find the best factory to produce your type of product
  • We operate as your in-house sourcing expert
  • We take the risk out of buying abroad

What are the Benefits of choosing INVENI?
Better Pricing

  • Our Co-ordinators in China provide more competitive pricing and broader selection

Guaranteed Quality:

  • Our manufacturers/suppliers possess the necessary certifications and regulatory approvals i.e. ISO9001, SGS-audited Made-in-China (MIC) suppliers, GMP etc.
  • We provide quality control, product samples, digital pictures and details e.g. materials and sizing for your confirmation
  • Our experience works to manage and minimize risk
  • Multi-lingual Co-ordinators ensure accuracy of orders which saves time and money
  • Our knowledge of the local business landscape enables us to provide all the assurances and services of international standard to make your product sourcing successful

What Services does INVENI Business & Technology offer?

INVENI’s product sourcing services are mirrored against the most essential sourcing services for businesses wishing to purchase and manufacture goods in the global market place. Our key services include:

  • Research, procurement and delivery of products to our Clients
  • Product manufacturer qualification and selection
  • Competitive quote solicitations
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Negotiation and contract formation
  • Quality control and production management
  • Shipping and delivery

How will sourcing with INVENI Business & Technology Ltd affect my costs?

With our expertise, leadership and assistance we endeavour to realise the highest possible savings for our clients ranging between 10% and 35%. These are some of the key advantages that we bring to the table:

  • We negotiate the best pricing for our clients based on our long established relationships with suppliers,
  • We are in direct contact with our team in China. Suppliers and manufacturers daily
  • We have attained considerable experience in conducting smart business policy across international borders
  • Our product sourcing team has considerable experience and you are reassured that you will be working with professionals that know how to negotiate and effect win-win situations for your interest and ours.
  • Our multi-lingual team provides on-the-ground inspection and quality control in China