• Better Pricing
    • Our Co-ordinators in China provide more competitive pricing and broader selection
  • Guaranteed Quality:
    • Our manufacturers/suppliers possess the necessary certifications and regulatory approvals i.e. ISO9001, SGS-audited Made-in-China (MIC) suppliers, GMP etc.
    • We provide quality control, product samples, digital pictures and details e.g. materials and sizing for your confirmation
  • Our experience works to manage and minimize risk
  • Multi-lingual Co-ordinators ensure accuracy of orders which saves time and money
  • Our knowledge of the local business landscape enables us to provide all the assurances and services of international standard to make your product sourcing successful
  • Our Lead Consultant and Senior Co-ordinator in China understands the local Caribbean culture and has preferential relationships with several manufacturers and suppliers

Working with us saves you time and money!

Why Chose Us?

We are product sourcing experts you can trust! We source, inspect, and ship directly to you. We help you secure your product, at the right price and from the best suppliers.

  • We are experienced
  • We maintain preferential relationships with manufacturers and suppliers
  • We build long-term relationships with our Clients
  • We find the best factory to produce your type of product
  • We operate as your in-house sourcing expert
  • We take the risk out of buying abroad

If you are ready to move forward and think we could help you source from China, then please contact us for a FREE consultation.